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The Bird Man provides wildlife services that revolve around birds, bats, and many other nuisance animals.  Below are just a few of the services we provide.

Bird Products:

We design and hand-build high quality wood birdhouses and bird feeders.  You won’t find a sturdier or better made wild bird product anywhere in the world.

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We also sell and ship all the best made poly carbonate feeders and birdbaths.  You wont find any Made in China products from The Bird Man!  Ninety-nine percent of all our products are Made in the USA or Canada.

Building Customized Products:

Our houses and feeders can be made to order to match your outdoor décor, fit into the natural landscape, and, most important, meet the needs of your flock.  Generally speaking we don’t make decorative birdhouses and feeders; rather functionality is the key for products intended to attract specific species.

Installation and Maintenance: 

There’s a strategy for placing birdhouses and feeders on any property.   Once they’re placed, the houses, feeders, and baths must be cleaned and repaired regularly to keep the birds safe, healthy, and happy.  The Bird Man can handle all of these details for you.

Birdseed Delivery:

After mixing and preparing his birdseed using fresh ingredients, The Bird Man can set up a delivery schedule to make sure you never run out and that your supply is always fresh.  Free birdseed delivery is available locally.

Organic Solutions for Pest and Rodent Control:

The Bird Man will design and install natural systems to control insects and small rodents like mice and voles.  We’ll help you harness nature’s food chain to your advantage in your organic eco-system.

Problem Birds:

Sometimes wild birds have a different concept of acceptable behavior than we do!  Woodpeckers, pigeons, and other birds can be problems unless you provide them an alternative.  The Bird Man will help birds, bats, and mankind live in harmony on your property without lethal methods.

Custom Property Plans: 

In order to know what products to install (birdhouses, feeders, baths, bat houses, …) you need to know what your property can support.  The Bird Man takes a unique approach as part of his wildlife services to creating an Organic Eco-System by first creating a Property Plan specific to your property.  The overall concept is to attract wild birds & bats which will eat insects & rodents like mosquitoes, miller moths, voles, and mice.

Great Public Speakers:

Whether novices or experienced birders, thousands of people from preschoolers to senior citizens have enjoyed The Bird Man’s informative presentations.  His passion for birds, extensive experience, and sense of humor come through loud and clear.  His repertoire includes informal presentations as well as more rigorous workshops and seminars.  Please contact The Bird Man for pricing and availability.


Please contact us for general or specialized consulting on any issues related to wild birds, bats, or other wildlife services.  The Bird Man’s clients have learned quickly that he knows his stuff and he’s a pleasure to work with. 

To reach The Bird Man click on Contact Us and fill out the form with your contact information.  We will contact you ASAP! 


Customer Comments about The Bird Man:

“In all the years I have done business with Pat (“The Bird Man”), he has been a pleasure to deal with.  He is very professional and has used creativity to help me solve several interesting problems…  from dealing with unwanted mice to caring for wanted wild birds.  I recommend Pat and his services without reservation.”

Jens – Parker, CO

“After The Bird Man had installed a blue bird house for us (which has occupants every spring and summer) we asked for his ideas on how to elevate bird feeders so they could be enjoyed from our kitchen window. That window is about fifteen feet off the ground. He rigged an ingenious system of pulleys that puts two bird feeders right outside the window which are lowered for filling, then raised for viewing. We have had a wonderful bird watching experience along with our guests for about seven years with these feeders. Thanks Pat.”

Dave & Linda – Castle Rock, CO