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“Wasp Control in Birdhouses & Yards”

Wasp control in and around your house has been a problem for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The most common type of wasp to occupy a birdhouse is a Paper Wasp. There are several species of paper wasps and for control purposes the species type is irrelevant.

When it comes with dealing with wasps the image at the right pretty much sums up their wasp controlbehavior. Wasp control starts with being proactive in the spring. Put out wasp traps sooner than later!  We usually suggest putting them out as soon as you see insects flying. In the northern states where they get snow this may be in May. In the southern states where it stays warm you will want to put out wasp traps year round.

Wasp control in birdhouses starts with getting the numbers of wasps in your area under control with wasp traps. When wasps do take up residence in a birdhouse the birds will generally not use the house. At this point you will want to remove and destroy the nests.  The best time to do this work is on cooler days, or evenings, when the wasps have a harder time flying.

Open the birdhouse up and using gloves and a putty knife just smash the wasps and remove the nest.

Make sure you step on and crush the nest as there may be larva inside the nest. Below are more images of the type of paper wast nests we see regularly causing issues for cavity nesting birds.

This type of paper wasp will make nest under decks, inside cavities like your cloth line posts, and most any place out of the rain and direct sun.

Don’t be fooled, wasps are aggressive when bothered!

Contact The Bird Man for additional help and details with wasp control.

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