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The Bird Man has a full range of unique bird baths that are high quality and functional.  We also have many other products and services for customers – Bird Products and ServicesBat Houses and Services.  Bird baths are just one piece of creating an organic ecosystem to aid in controlling insects.

Unique Bird Baths

We sell all types of bird baths and we also sell individual bird bath heaters.

Unique Bird BathsBirdbaths need to be sturdy and UV Proof in order to handle the elements of the outdoors.  Ceramic is normally not a good choice unless the bird bath  has thick edges and rounded edges. You also don’t want any corners or ninety degree corners as water can freeze and expand breaking the bird bath.

Unique Bird Baths





Bird baths should not be deeper than three inches and the preferred water depth for songbirds is two inches.  Songbirds do not have web feet, hence are not genetically gifted to swim.  Water deeper than three inches will cause many drowning, especially with the smaller birds.

Heated bird baths are a great option for winter months!

Unique Bird Baths

Heated bird baths should have a short cord on them. This is so the plug does not end up on the ground and possibly short out.  If you purchase a heated bird bath with a long cord make sure you elevate the plug connection if using it with an extension cord.

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We are constantly getting in new Unique Bird Baths from artists around the world. If you don’t see what you are looking for then Contact Us anytime!




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