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The Bird Man provides resources to customers all over the country focusing on wild birds, bats, and organic gardening products and services.  ResourcesWe have strong relationships with business partners for products we don’t build in house and great ties with service companies for things like soil testing.

Our in house experience exceeds more than ninety years, hence The Bird Man is a great resource for anyone looking to make their backyard safer and more attracting to wild birds and bats.

We speak and present to many groups and organizations around the country on many topics in addition to wild birds, bats, and organic vegetable gardening. To book your next speaker or to inquire about pricing please click on Contact The Bird Man below.

Resources for Wild Birds, Bats, and Organic Vegetable Gardening!

Wild Birds:


Organic Vegetable Gardening:

Testing Labs (soil, water, & plants):

The Bird Man is always willing and anxious to talk with everyone about wild birds, bats, and organic vegetable gardening. Nothing excites us more then to help people solve problems. The cornerstone of our business is that we make house calls, i.e. we come to you to solve gardening and wildlife challenges.

 Contact The Bird Man anytime for all your Wild Bird, Bat, and Organic Vegetable Gardening Needs!