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“Red Wigglers & Earthworm Facts – What do Earthworms Eat & Earthworm Castings”

Red Wigglers, earth worms, present is one indicator of healthy soil.  There are many mysteries about red wigglers, but the absence of red red wigglerswigglers does not mean nothing will grow.  It may indicate something is out of balance in the soil such as high concentrations of salts. Other problems are excessive pesticides, too wet or dry, no organic matter such as dried leaves or grass …etc.  I can’t begin to tell you how important red wigglers are for your soil and learning some basic earthworm facts can be beneficial.

Red Wigglers move through the soil allowing oxygen and water to easily enter while dropping earthworm castings.  There are many earthworm facts one can find, but probably the most important aspect for having lots of red wigglers is the creation of small canals in the soil that not only aerates the soil but allows oxygen and water to penetrate easily.

What do earthworms eat?  Worms eat materials not yet decayed and as they digest these materials they excrete earthworm castings.   These earthworm castings are by many considered black gold as they are loaded with nutrients that all plants love!  What do earthworms eat may be better answered by what don’t earthworms eat?

Earthworms, or red wigglers, will eat most anything but they adore kitchen scraps.  These kitchen scraps, non-animal, from vegetable sources should be added to your compost pile regularly.

An “Earthworm Test” should be performed every year on each garden site and every raised bed.  Every gardener should always know how many red wigglers occupy any garden.

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