Squirrel Proof Feeder


Squirrel Proof Feeder



100% Squirrel Proof Feeder – Lifetime Warranty!

This squirrel proof feeder holds 3 quarts of seed and is spring activated.  Customers rate this feeder #1 year after year.  Spring tension on this feeder can be adjusted therefore keeping pigeons, crows, and other heavier birds out!

Two recommended bird seed choices are Sunflower Hearts and Songbird Mix.

The Bird Man rates this feeder “Best in Class” for keeping squirrels out.  This feeder is completely mechanical yet no batteries needed for operation.  It’s recommend you stay clear of any feeder that needs batteries because cold weather prevents batteries from proper operation.

This squirrel proof feeder is long and slim which keeps a squirrel from holding onto the top and reaching down to the food.  A slim squirrel proof feeder best therefore keeping the feeder from getting lopsided as seed builds up on one side or the other.  Squirrel Proof Feeder

The Bird Man has been working with the manufacture of this feeder for years and they are one of the few companies that truly stands behind their warranty.

The tube of this squirrel proof feeder is made of high quality polycarbonate.  This feeder is designed to last a lifetime thus comes with a lifetime warranty.  The manufacturer will send parts or a complete feeder due to manufacturer defects.

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Weight 5 lbs