Hail Netting



“Hail Netting”

“Never have hail destroy your garden again!”

Hail Netting

Our hail netting works great to stop hail from damaging trees, vegetable gardens, flowers, or most anything you want to protect from getting destroyed.

Hail Netting

We have used and sold many types of hail netting and shade cloth for years and this is our newest hail netting. It is superior to most other hail netting because it is knitted vs woven.

Combined with our hoop system you will never again waste all your hard work to hail.

As mentioned this hail netting is knitted which means you can cut it anywhere and it wont fray like any woven product will do.

Our hail netting is SOLD BY THE LINEAR FOOT and it is 26′ wide.

The easiest way to use this product is to install a hoop system, sold separately, and lay this hail netting over the top. Any type of weight system will work to hold the edges down such as rocks, bricks, buckets containing your garden tools, …etc.

Our hail netting is less than a 20% shade which means it will block less than 20% of the existing sun getting to the plants.  Our testing has not seen any drop in plant production with this hail netting.


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Weight 3 lbs


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