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“Pest Control Cost – Organic Aphid Control – Do My Own Pest Control”

Pest control cost is something that every gardener has to control.  No matter how large the growing operation or how small the cost of pest management can be very tricky to deal with.  Organic aphid control is just one of many methods to deal with insects that invade gardens.  Today I am proud to say I do my own pest control.

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If you see or have these insects in your garden, is this a bad thing?

organic aphid controlpest control cost

Over 90% of all insects in your garden are beneficial!  When it comes to pesticides the challenging part is to find something that kills only the pests you want dead and leave all the other beneficial insects alone.  We like to think of Pest Control as an instance in time where we deal with a specific insect instead of killing all insects.

Insecticides generally kill all the insects and in most cases, applying an insecticide is the worst thing you can do for your garden!  When we talk about Pest control costs, it’s not just about the cost of a bottle or bag of pesticide, but more about the cost of killing off the beneficial insects at the same time.  First thing all experienced gardeners do is to identify what insect is causing them problems.  Next, you want to spot treat where the insect is causing problems.

NEVER, NEVER, Spray or Dust your Entire Garden!!!

As mentioned earlier most insecticides are not discriminatory about what they kill.  They kill everything!  Most insecticides manufactures seem too proud of the fact that their products can kill dozens, if not hundreds, of different kinds of insects.  Many gardeners seem to think this is a good thing, but this could not be further from the truth!

When it comes to aphids, my recommended process is to use an organic aphid control methodology that deals with not only aphids but also most invasive insects.  I do my own pest control and we practice what we preach!  Your plan to fight unwanted insects in your garden should start right now.  In order to reduce the impact of invasive insects you need to put a plan together now.

We have the knowledge & experience to create a unique seasonal insect plan for your vegetable garden. Contact The Bird Man now for more details!

This is just one of the many reasons why I do my own pest control and help gardeners like you all over the country.  Creating a plan now and implementing this plan throughout the season is your best defense against those summertime plant eating insects.

Another part of Pest Control Cost is dealing with four legged pests such as deer.  When I do my own pest control, the plan has to account for these hoofed destroyers!  You can have the best organic aphid control plan on the planet, but if you do not control deer getting into your garden then you are doomed.  Here is a list of Deer Proof Plants.


Customer Comments: 

 “Organic Gardening became much more fun when I got control of dealing with weeds & pests. My Pest Control Cost was getting to be expensive, but I did not know how to garden organically.  Thanks to The Bird Man for helping us with all our Organic Gardening needs!”
Fred & Missy – Centennial, CO

 “In the past we were spraying insecticide for Aphids and we always wanted to garden organically.  Thanks to The Bird Man for helping us with Organic Aphid Control.  With his help and guidance I do My Own Pest Control instead of hiring someone to do it.”
Randy & Heather – Denver, CO