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“Organic Ecosystem Consulting – How can we Preserve our Environment – Wild Life Information”

Organic EcosystemEvery organic ecosystem is unique to any particular property. The Bird Man has been consulting and working with customers all over the country for many years. We speak to many organizations on topics such as organic ecosystems, preservation of habitats, and organic insect control.

“An Organic Ecosystem Is A Complex Network Of All Living Matter Interconnected In The Same Physical Environment”

Think of an Organic Ecosystem as an umbrella of protection consisting of birds, bats, snakes, insects, plants, trees, air, water, and most everything living or decaying.  Everything comes into the equation when talking about how can we preserve our environment.

Like Ozone in our atmosphere which protects us from the suns radiation, an Organic Ecosystem protects our environment from the over population of things like insects, rodents, rabbits, and deer. When our Organic Ecosystem balance gets out of order we end up seeing a population explosion of insects, mice, squirrels, rabbits, and deer.

“How Can We Preserve Our Environment?”

There are many things that effect the balance of an Organic Ecosystem. Things such as air, water, and soil pollution.   Correcting these out-of-balance components of an Organic Ecosystem is challenging, but with the help of The Bird Man your challenges become manageable.

The Bird Man consults with customers all over the world to correct the delicate balance within Organic Ecosystems.  The Bird Man has been hired as a consultant by many companies around the world for risk management, ecological impact, and “how-to” seminars that revolve around organic ecosystem’s, how can we preserve our environment, and wild life management.

The list below is a small sample of topics The Bird Man has helped customers fix.

Consulting Topics:


  • Bluebird House Placement
  • Woodpecker Property Damage
  • Pigeons Nesting or Pigeons Roosting
  • Optimize Attracting Songbirds
  • Property Plans – What can any property size support
  • Crow Problem and Magpie Problem Resolution
  • How to Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeder
  • Bird Feeders for Small Birds – Feeding Birds – Bird Feeder Choices
  • Wild Bird Diseases and How to Prevent Wild Bird Diseases


  • How to Make Bat Houses
  • Bat House Design Review
  • Bat House Placement
  • Detailed Presentations and Information on Bats
  • How to Attract Bats
  • Bat Exclusion from Buildings

-Organic Gardening-

  • Organic Gardening 101 Seminar
  • Advanced Organic Gardening Seminar’s and Techniques
  • Food Preservation Demonstration & Techniques
  • Organic Gardening Insect Control
  • Pros and Cons of Organic Farming
  • Organic Insect Control – No Pesticides!
  • How to Prepare Soil for a Garden
  • Organic Gardening Seed & Plant Selection by Growing Zone
  • Benefits of Composting
  • Earthworms and Soil – Benefits


  • Mosquitoes are so bad we can’t go outside in the evenings!
  • Miller Moth Population Control
  • Controlling Grasshoppers – they are eating everything on our property
  • Organic Gardening Insect Control Techniques
  • Best Garden Fertilizer
  • Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

-Rodent Control-

  • Mouse Control and Vole Control
  • Our Rabbit Populations are Out of Control
  • Controlling Deer Population in your Environment
  • Deer Resistant Plants & Shrubs
  • Rabbit Resistant Plants & Shrubs

“You Need The Bird Man If Any Of These Sound Familiar!” 

“Why isn’t there any activity in the birdhouse I installed?”
“What birdseed should I use?  Does it matter?”
“Where’s the best location for a birdhouse?”
“What style birdhouse do birds prefer?”
“How do I keep squirrels and pigeons away from my birdfeeder?”
“Should I clean my birdhouse? How often should I clean my birdbath?”
“How do I protect my birdhouse from cats and other predators?”
“Is there an eco-friendly way to control mice, rodents, and insects on my property?”
“Where’s the best place to install a bat house?”
“What birds are indigenous to my area that I can try to attract?”
“How can I keep pigeons and woodpeckers away from my house?”

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Customer Comments about The Bird Man:

“Our first attempt at organic gardening was a disaster!  The next year we hired The Bird Man to help us create an organic ecosystem to control very bad insect infestations and deer problems.  In addition we hired him to perform a through soil analysis to ensure our garden soil was optimal for growing vegetables. After more than twenty years of gardening I had no idea that switching to doing it organically would be so challenging on our own.  Thanks to The Bird Man for his help!”

Justin & Candy – Casper, WY

“The Bird Man is extremely knowledgeable and has helped us with bird feeding stations and bird nesting boxes and was the only one who was able to identify that we had pocket gophers and showed us the remedy to get rid of them for good…before they totally ruined our lawn and plants.  His knowledge of wild life information is amazing.  We really appreciate the effort The Bird Man makes to really get to know us and understand our needs.”

Bobby – Larkspur, CO

“Our organization has hired The Bird Man several times in the past to speak to our customers about wild birds, pest control, and organic gardening.  The Bird Man is one of the great public speakers and really knows what he is talking about. He is dearly loved by everyone in our organization”.

Jane – Douglas County Libraries