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“How To Attract Bats – Where Do Bats Live!”

Everyday we get asked how to attract bats and where do bats live.  Most people think a bat house is the most important factor – Not True!  A quality Bathouse is important in attracting bats and we believe we have a better mouse trap. There is no one answer on how to attract bats.

First ask yourself “Where Do Bats Live?”.  Bat House Placement is the most important factor when trying to attract bats.  The Bird Man makes the best Bathouse’s you will ever find! How To Attract Bats Just look at how these bats love this Bathouse!

Bats will eat millions of insects in their lifetime and to purchase a Bathouse please click here “Bat Houses For Sale“. The quality construction of these Bathouses is second to none!

For a list of all the great things bats can and will do for your click her Fun Facts About Bats. Amaze your friends with all these facts!

We help customers all over the world with How to Attract Bats and with all types of exclusion.  Not only do we build the best Bathouse in the world, we can help you with bathouse placement and installation.  How to Attract Bats can be very easy when you work with us.

Where Do Bats Live?  Everywhere, but in the best place they can find in a particular area.  Contact The Bird Man today to ensure you have the best area/place/location for your bats.

Customer Comments:

“For the past twenty years we have been trying to control our mosquitoes. Two years ago we bought what we now know to be the Best Bathouse you can buy from The Bird Man. With his help in determining Where Do Bats Live with the location of our Bathouse we now have lots of bats coming out every night and eating lots of insects.  The guano we collect is also great for our organic vegetable garden!”
Amanda – Parker, CO

“A Bathouse installed by The Bird Man for Attracting Bats solved our night time insects. We had a bat house for years, but we never really thought about Where Do Bats Live?  The Bird Man thinks like a bat and within weeks we had bats in our Bathouse. We now have dozens of bats living on our property and they come back every year. Watch out mosquitoes!”
Jack – Franktown, CO

“We live in the city and never thought Attracting Bats to our property was an option until we met Pat The Bird Man. He installed a Bathouse on our property and on the second year we had bats and every year these same bats come back to this same Bathouse to raise babies. We are so happy to have met The Bird Man.”
Mary – Castle Rock, CO