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“Homemade Sausage Recipes”

Once you have tasted homemade sausage you will probably never buy store bought sausage again!  Homemade sausage is easy to make with the right tools. homemade sausage recipesFinding the best homemade sausage recipes is very personal and making sausage at home is really fun.

We have been hunting and fishing for more than 40 years. When I first started hunting we would always take our big game to a slaughter house or processing plant to get the meat cut up and packaged.  Over the years we started doing more and more home processing.

The first grinder we used for our homemade sausage recipes was a hand grinder.  This worked, but it was very slow and you had to cut up the meat in small pieces to get it into the grinder.  Our grinding evolved to a Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment.  This was better, but you still had to cut the meat pieces small and the grinder plugged up often.

If you can afford a quality meat grinder you will not only save yourself time, but the final product will be exceptional.  You will see meat grinder sizes from #5 to #32 and even higher for industrial type grinders.  The number refers to the Plate Diameter or the outlet diameter.  The larger the plate diameter the larger the inlet tube, hence the larger chunks of meat you can feed into the grinder.

Here is a chart for Grinder Comparison:

  Grinder Size   Plate Diameter
          #5           2-1/8″
          #8           2-1/2″
      #10/#12           2-3/4″
      #20/#22           3-1/4″
          #32           3-7/8″

The lager grinder sizes have larger motors and can make easy work of most grinding needs. The down side of larger grinders is they are heavy and more costly.  My preference is a #12 stainless steel grinder.  Most of these grinders come with 3/4 – 1hp motors and weigh around 30-40lbs. homemade sausage recipes The one I currently own is rated to grind about 480lbs of meat per hour, though you would need about six hands to feed the beast fast enough.

Expect to pay in the range of $300 – $400 for a #12 meat grinder with a 3/4hp motor.  Homemade sausage recipes will be easy to accomplish with a grinder of this size.  Also remember that most meat needs to be ground twice, once at a course grind and once with a fine grind.

There are many manufactures of grinders on the market. Most all of the larger grinders will work very well.

After many years we making sausage with hog casings we finally decided to freeze everything in bulk.  Making link or brat style sausages is very time consuming and we now make 1lb packages of bulk sausage.  Instead of having basic brat shaped sausage we now make brat burgers.  This is must easier and the meat stores much better in bulk than in casings.

We will continue to add homemade sausage recipes to this site over time.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact The Bird Man!