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“Delicious Elk Sausage Recipe!”

This elk sausage recipe is really good!  We use 50% pork shoulder in all of our deer, antelope, and elk sausage recipes. In this recipe you can substitute the elk for any big game animal except for Bear. You will need a good meat grinder and some large mixing bowls, preferably stainless steel, for mixing the meat and spices. Elk Sausage Recipe

The elk sausage recipe below is for 25-27lbs of meat consisting of 50% elk meat and 50% pork shoulder.  You may be making more or less pounds of sausage so to figure out how to cut or increase the ingredients below take the total pounds of meat and divide by 27.  Take the result and multiple by each ingredient below.

For instance if you are only grinding ten pounds of meat, 5 pounds of elk and 5 pounds of elk, divide 10 by 27.  The result is 0.37.  For every ingredient below multiply the listed amount by 0.37.  If you are making less than 25-27lbs it may be easier to change cups to ounces and tablespoons to teaspoons.  Conversions: 1cup = 16ounces, 1Tablespoon = 3teaspoons. T=Tablespoon, t=teaspoon, c=cups.

All spices listed below for this elk sausage recipe are dried. Dry spices work much better when freezing sausage. Fresh herbs break down when frozen and add a lot of water to the sausage once unthawed.

Tools Needed:

  • Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Meat Grinder (electric 3/4hp or bigger, size #12 or larger works best)
  • Sharp Butcher Knife(s) for cubing meat
  • Large Bowls for Pans for mixing meat – Stainless Steel works best
  • Food Vacuum Sealer or Gallon Freezer Bags


  • 13 pounds of elk meat (trim off all fat on outside of meat & discard)
  • 13 pounds of pork shoulder (leave all the fat on the pork!!!)
  • 4T Salt
  • 5T Fennel Seed
  • 4T Cracked Black Pepper (Medium is best, but fine will work also)
  • 7T Crushed Red Pepper (Hot=9T, Medium=5T, Mild=3T)
  • 1T Coriander (ground)
  • 1T Nutmeg
  • 2C Good Quality Dry Red Wine (12.5% alcohol or higher-if you wont drink it don’t use it!!!)
  • 1T Anise Seed
  • 2T Sage
  • 2T Caraway Seed
  • 1T Onion Powder
  • 2T Oregano
  • 2t Basil
  • 4T Garlic Powder
  • 2t Thyme


For thawed meat — cut elk & pork into chunks small enough to fit into the neck of your grinder.  Put meat chunks into the freezer to partially freeze.  Grinding meat works much better with partially frozen meat (not solid and not thawed completely)  If you have a large bowl of meat or several bowls you will want to mix the meat chunks up after about an hour so the chunks in the middle get partially frozen also.

For frozen meat — thaw meat just enough to cut it into chunks.  If your elk meat and pork shoulder are both frozen the elk will thaw quicker than the pork.  In this case I get the elk cut up, course grind it, put this ground elk back in the freezer while I work on cutting up and grinding the pork.

After grinding the elk & pork return both to the freezer to ensure they do not get all the way thawed out.

You ALWAYS want the meat to stay very cold when making sausage.

Add all the spices above to a medium bowl. Mix spices well with a spoon and break up any spice clumps with the back of your spoon.

If you have a pot large enough for all your ground elk and pork with at least 3″ inches to spare at the top of the pan you can mix everything together in one pot.  If you don’t have one large pan than take half the elk and half the pork along with half the spices, half the wine, and mix by hand well.  Do the same for the other half of your meat and mix by hand well.

You now have two pans of mixed ground meat and spices.  To ensure the spices get mixed equally I normally take half the meat from one pan and exchange it with half the meat from another pan and mix both pans well.

Grind all your sausage with your fine grinder disc.  Cook up a chunk of sausage (loose, patties …) to taste your finished product along with a nice cold beer or glass of red wine!Elk Sausage Recipe

I prefer to make 1lb packages of sausage and freeze.  Using a vacuum packer will enable the meat to be stored in the freezer about twice as long without getting freezer burned.  With vacuum packing and storing in a chest freezer, we can easily get up to two years without any freezer burn.

You can also store the ground sausage in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap for up to 24 hours before bagging and freezing.

You can use this sausage all by itself making breakfast patties, making brat burgers by making them into hamburger patties, or in any dish, that requires sausage such as pasta sauce or lasagna. When you cook the sausage as patties, cook it to medium rare or medium.  Do not cook it well done unless you like dry sausage.