Birdhouse Cleaning


Birdhouse cleaning should be performed in the fall or early winter. Insects in the nesting material, and there is a lot of them, will survive all winter. If the nesting material is not removed these Birdhouse cleaninginsects will attack springtime nesting birds and their babies.  Removing the old nesting material allows the nesting box to dry out, without moisture insect eggs can’t survive.

This is also a good time to ensure the box is repaired, leveled, and tightened up.  Replace the predator guard if it is enlarged by woodpeckers and replace or caulk any cracks on the roof.  Fall birdhouse cleaning allows next years nesting birds to have a much higher fledgling rate.

No need to spray your birdhouses with any type of cleaner unless there is mold. In which case use a 10% bleach, 90% water, and spray the inside of the birdhouse after cleaning out the old nesting material.  Once the old nesting material is removed and any leaks in the structure are repaired the birdhouse will dry out over the wintertime.

Ensure all the vent holes are cleaned out also. Without proper venting the birdhouse will not dry out properly and not ventilate adequately.  If the entry hole is enlarged by woodpeckers it is always best to replace the front of the house or install a new predator guard.

Lastly make sure the  birdhouse is level from left to right and front to back. This will allow the fledglings to easily get out of the house when it is time.

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