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bird nesting boxes“Bird Nesting Boxes – How To Attract Birds To A Birdhouse”

Our Bird Nesting Boxes are build to last! How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse is easy with our Homemade Bird Houses.  All cavity nesting birds are looking to nest in a cavity of a specific size with a hole size they can just barley get in and out of.

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Everyone we talk to wants to know the magic of attracting more songbirds to their backyards.  Putting out Bird Nesting Boxes is one leg of the stool.  The other two revolve around food and water.Homemade Bird Houses

How To Attract Birds To A BirdhouseEvery design we make starts with the question How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse.  Our Homemade Bird Houses have been through many deign changes over the years and every aspect of our birdhouses are scrutinized during assembly.  Everything matters on our birdhouses!

Entry hole size, type of wood used, vent hole sizes and where they are located, height above the floor for the entry hole, slope of the roof, cavity size, type and length of screws we use, size of predator guard (block of wood over the entry hole), how the birdhouse opens, and even the angle of the roof is important when thinking about How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse.

“Never buy anything except for Unfinished Birdhouses!  Eventually the birds will eat the paint off the finished Birdhouses and either die or feed this paint to their babies and the baby birds will die!”

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Customer References:

“Bird nesting boxes should not be painted and I am so happy with the Unfinished Birdhouses I purchased from The Bird Man.  Fantastic homemade bird houses with exceptional quality and construction!”

John – Aspen, CO

 “We were looking everywhere for handmade bird houses and needed more than a dozen and wanted birdhouses that would hold up for many years.  We found the holy-grail in bird nesting boxes and wanted to send a note saying Thank You.  Keep up the good work!”
Don – Plano, CO

 “When it comes to woodpeckers How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse has not been easy.  The birds were destroying our home and for years we thought there was nothing that could be done.  The Bird Man helped us control the damage by first identifying what kind of woodpeckers we had and providing the right type of birdhouses for these birds.  The installation The Bird Man preformed seems to have done the trick and the homemade bird houses look great.  Thank You!
Robert – Boulder, CO