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Ground Bird FeederAbout The Bird Man“About The Bird Man – Backyard Bird Shop”

Everything about The Bird Man is 100% focused on backyard habitats rather than selling product! The Bird Man and his Backyard Bird Shop have spent the past few decades working in the outdoors with wild birds, bats, organic gardening, food preservation, writing, and public speaking.

Over the last 50 years The Bird Man has taken his knowledge with birding, gardening, wildlife, and the outdoors to create what we term “Organic Ecosystems”. For more details on what this is click on Organic Ecosystem.

Especially relevant is every product we make and sell is of the highest quality.  Every wood product is hand crafted using Colorado beetle-kill wood, hence each finished product is unique.  Another important aspect of our hand made products is the fact they are crafted in the USA on the grounds of The Bird Man.

“Our purpose in life is to our knowledge, leadership, and creativity to inspire and coach others to live organically with love and respect for each other and the environment.”

All of our plastic tube-type feeders are constructed from polycarbonate, primarily made in the USA with very few exceptions. As a result these polycarbonate feeders are 100% UV proof and will last a lifetime under normal use.  Never buy cheap plastic products because they wont last long.

As a result of our expertise with wild birds and bats over the decades we can effectively create organic ecosystems to control insects and rodents for our customers. Insects do have some intelligence and know who their predators are and as a result of attracting birds and bats you can literally scare the insects off your property!  For those insects that decide to stay around your gardens the birds will gobble them up.

“How to Attract Bats – How to Start Gardening”

Here are just a few of the products & services The Bird Man offers:

No matter what you need help with in the outdoors The Bird Man can help you. Please feel free to Contact The Bird Man anytime to discuss your bird, bat, or gardening challenges.