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“Best Bird Feeding Station Contains Wooden Bird Feeders & Handmade Bird Feeders!”

Everyone should have a bird feeding station in their yard!  A bird feeding station can be simple or complex depending on many factors.  Wooden bird feeders work well most everywhere, but finding handmade bird feeders can be challenging.

The Bird Man sells many types of feeders, some are handmade bird feeders while others are made from high quality metal and plastic tubing.  Almost every feeder we sell is Made in the USA with a few high quality feeders manufactured in Canada. For a list of all of our feeders click on Bird Feeders.

We like to help customers create a bird feeding station that contains many kinds of feeders.  Feeder types such as platform, tray, and tube feeders.  Wooden bird feeders work well to provide a large area for birds to feed on seed while still allowing them to see predators approaching.

All of our wooden bird feeders are Made in the USA and most are handmade bird feeders. Feeding Wild Birds is a great hobby!  The Bird Man is a great source for creating a bird feeding station that can consist of wooden bird feeders most of which are handmade bird feeders.

with Bird Feeders you with find with dozens of Bird Feeders For Sale.  Most everything we sell is either hand-made and Made in the USA! 

bird feeding stationhandmade bird feederThe Bird Man has been making the best handmade bird feeders for many years. We also sell many kinds of Wild Bird Seed.

Free local delivery on all products!

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Customer Remarks about The Bird Man:

“For years we have been in search of the a quality Bird Feeding Station for Feeding Wild Birds.  We found The Bird Man and he has many high quality Wooden Bird Feeders & Handmade Bird Feeders.  The Bird Man said everything they carry is of the highest quality in the world.  We thought we were getting a sales pitch, but if you want the Best Bird Feeding Stations with great customer service look no further!”

Jeff & Mary – Larskpur, CO

“I was surprised when The Bird Man said he makes house calls.  He came out to our property, created a plan as to what the property would support, sold us all the products we needed for feeding wild birds. The Bird Feeding Station he set up for us is wonderful! With his heavy-duty Handmade Bird Feeders that will no doubt last a lifetime with our favorite being his Wooden Bird Feeders. When we go on vacation The Bird Man has a service to provide feeder refills, bird bath cleaning, and bird bath refilling.  Absolutely amazing that someone still cares and knows how to deliver impeccable customer service.” 

Heather – Aurora, CO

“The Bird Man solved our miller moth and mosquito problems by professionally installing products to attract birds & bats. Our Bird Feeding Station of ten Handmade bird Feeders spread out on our property.  The Bird Man also installed a large Nursery Bat House. All of these products attracted birds & bats that eat lots of insects. Now we can no go outside in the evenings!  Exceptional customer service and excellent Wooden Bird Feeders!  We absolutely love all of our Bird Feeding Station products and they are also really easy to maintain.”

Brian & Teri– Monument, CO