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“Bat House Placement and Bat House Location Key For Attracting Bats!”

Bat House Placement is probably the most important aspect when it comes to Attracting Bats.  The easy part of the process is buying a bat house.  Accessing the property for a general Bat House Location is the first thing we do.  Not all properties are capable of supporting a bat house for many reasons!

Bat House PlacementMany situations could make it difficult in Attracting Bats to your property.  Bat house temperatures above 90 degrees will keep bats from roosting during the summer months.  In the northern hemisphere bat houses placed on any south facing structure is not recommended because it gets too warm. Bat House Location

Assuming your efforts work in Attracting Bats you want to ensure all the bat guano does not fall all over your porch. The picture to the right is of guano in a good location that falls freely to the ground with no harm to anyone.

If you deem your property is capable of supporting and Attracting Bats, then the job of Bat House Location and Bat House Placement is simplified. Never assume all bat houses are created equal! To see a list of our bat houses click on Bat Houses for Sale.

Ask The Bird Man why a Nursery Bat House is your best option for attracting bats!

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What Customers are saying about The Bird Man:

“I struggled for years trying to figure out my Bat House Placement until I met The Bird Man.  Attracting Bats has never been easier!  First off I picked the wrong Bat House Location and once I we solved this problem The Bird Man installed our bathouse.  Now we have bats come back every year eating insects all night long!”

Donald –Morrison, CO

“We live in the suburbs and never thought Attracting Bats to our property was an option until we met Pat The Bird Man. With his help in selecting a Bat House Location we were successful in Attracting Bats in our fist year. Even after choosing a location I was amazed that even the Bat House Placement mattered. We are so happy to have met The Bird Man.”

Mary – Castle Rock, CO

“For the past twenty years we have been trying to control our mosquitoes. Two years ago we bought a handmade bathouse from The Bird Man.  I installed it myself thinking the Bat House Location I had in mind was perfect.  Three years later still no bats.  I called The Bird Man to come over and help me with our Bat House Placement. I now am a believer that knowledge is everything in Attracting Bats and our mosquitoes are now under control!”

Marty – Fort Collins, CO