“Bird Houses For Sale, Information On Bats, How to Start Gardening, And Much More!”

The Bird Man ® builds wood products locally, including Bird Houses for Sale, and has developed a full range of products and Bird Houses For Sale, Information On Bats, How to Start Gardeningservices helping customers all over the county to create a safe and friendly environment for wildlife.

In addition to providing products and solutions for all your wild bird needs The Bird Man is an expert on Bats, see Information on Bats.  The Bird Man also helps people all over the country with How to Start Gardening Organically.

We have many kinds of Bird Houses for Sale, like the Kestrel Bird House to the right, Nuthatch, Swallow, Woodpecker houses and many more. Kestrels are only one of the fabulous birds you will want to attract as they are serious insect eaters. Kestrels especially like to eat grass  hoppers, locust, miller moths, and june bugs.  The will also eat many small snakes and rodents such as mice and voles.

Bird Houses For Sale, Information On Bats, How to Start GardeningThe Bird Man is a great resource for Information on Bats.  Did you know Bats are the king of insect eaters?  Most insect eating songbirds are capable of eating a few hundred insects per day while a bat will consume over a thousand insects per hour. There is lots of Information on Bats on the internet, but few are as knowledgeable as The Bird Man. Every bat house is built by hand and Made in the USA. We build and sell over a thousand bats houses per year and each year we personally manage the installation of more than four hundred bat houses.

Besides being a wonderful resource for wild birds & bats The Bird Man is also a professional organic gardener.  Have you ever wondered How to Start Gardening? Gardening organically or non-organically is easy when you have a source like The Bird Man.  The combined gardening experience at The Bird Man is well over ninety-five years .  Contact us today for How to Start Gardening in your yard today!  The Bird Man can help you with everything from selecting a garden site & planting, organic insect control, to preserving food.

Bird Houses For Sale, Information On Bats, How to Start Gardening

The Bird Man is your #1 Source most every facet of your environment including areas on Wild Birds, Bats, Insect Control, Organic Gardening, Portable Solar Systems, and we also provide Professional Speaking services.

We have many types of Bird Houses for Sale like the Bluebird House in this picture and every wood product is not only Make In The USA, but the wood is sourced locally.

The Bird Man is your #1 provider for all of your environmental and eco-system friendly solutions to everyday life.  Did we mention we also have free local delivery and provide many installation services for everything we sell?

Contact The Bird Man for all your wildlife & gardening needs.

All of our Wooden Products including our Bird Houses For Sale, Bat Houses, and Bird Feeders are Made in the USA!

Made in USA

What customers are saying about The Bird Man:

“Moving to Colorado was our dream!  We contacted The Bird Man to have him create a property plan to include bird feeders, bird baths, and a vegetable garden. He also had lots of information on bats and we had him install a nursery bat house for us to help naturally control insects.” 

 Marcus – Aspen, CO

“After searching the internet for bird houses for sale we found The Bird Man.  We wanted locally made bird houses that were made from recycled wood. We bought and installed from The Bird Man two Custom Bird Feeders and one of his Custom Built Bird Houses and our birds just love them.  I am so glad we found someone who makes such beautiful products.”

Cheryl – Sedalia, CO

“Squirrels have always been a challenge with feeding the birds until we started buying everything wild bird related from The Bird Man.  The bird houses for sale at The Bird Man are very well made and expect to get many years of use of them.  The knowledge and information on bats they have was enough for us to move forward with having them install two bat houses.   Not only does he provide the best products I have ever seen he also delivers everything to my door.”

Tom – Elizabeth, CO

“We wanted to control mosquitoes on our property and thanks to Pat The Bird Man and his information on bats we bought one of his hand-made Large Nursery Bat Houses.  He came over to install a nursery bat house and we now have over 100 big brown bats in our house eating insects all night long.”

Dave – Franktown, CO

“I never thought I could bird watch living in a condominium on the fifth floor, but thanks to The Bird Man we have solved this issue.  They came up with brilliant idea to install one of his Custom Bird Feeders and a birdbath that clamps on the window with a small safely cable.  Now we can safely watch the birds feed just inches away from our window. Next we are going to have them help us with how to start gardening in pots.”

John – Denver, CO