“Custom Bird Feeders, Custom Built Bird Houses, Bat Houses For Sale And More!”

Over the last thirty years, The Bird Man ®, has developed a full range of products and services to create a safe and friendly environment for birds and bats in your unique ecosystem. In addition The Bird Man has a host of products and services around Organic Vegetable Gardening.

Custom Bird Feeders, Custom Built Bird Houses, Bat Houses For SaleWe help people all over the world to work with their environment to make the best use of their surroundings to not only safely attract wildlife, but to grow and preserve your own food.  Attracting Birds & Bats is arguably the best way to control insects from damaging your trees and gardens.

In addition to working with wild birds and bats, organic gardening, insect control, The Bird Man is also a professional speaker and has spoken to groups and organizations all over the country, see Pricing & Availability. Custom Bird Feeders, Custom Built Bird Houses, Bat Houses For Sale

The Bird Man is your #1 Source for many high quality Custom Bird Feeders, Custom Built Bird Houses, Bat Houses for Sale, Bird Baths, Bird Seed, Birdseed, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, Organic Gardening Services and Advice, and much more.  Contact The Bird Man for all your wildlife & gardening needs.

All of our Custom Bird Feeders, Custom Built Bird Houses, Bat Houses For Sale are Made in the USA!

Here is what some of our customers are saying about The Bird Man:

“Moving to Colorado was our dream!  The Bird Man created a property plan to include Custom Bird Feeders and beautiful Custom Built Bird Houses. He also had Bat Houses For Sale so we had The Bird Man install two of them for us. 

 Marcus Aspen, CO

We bought and installed from The Bird Man two Custom Bird Feeders and one of his Custom Built Bird Houses and our birds just love them.  I am so glad we found someone who makes such beautiful products.”
Cheryl – Sedalia, CO

“Squirrels have always been a challenge with feeding the birds until we started buying everything wild bird related from The Bird Man.  His Custom Bird Feeders are the best!  Not only does he provide the best products I have ever seen he also delivers everything to my door.”
Tom – Elizabeth, CO

“We wanted to control mosquitoes on our property and thanks to Pat The Bird Man we found that he had hand-made Bat Houses For Sale.  He came over to install a nursery bat house and we now have over 100 big brown bats in our house eating insects all night long.”
Dave – Franktown, CO

“I never thought I could bird watch living in a condominium on the fifth floor, but thanks to Pat The Bird Man we have solved this issue.  He came up with brilliant idea to install one of his Custom Bird Feeders and a birdbath that clamps on the window with a small safely cable.  Now we can safely watch the birds feed just inches away from our window.”
John – Denver, CO